Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm starting to hate CNN

Why? Because they're producing less and less news for the sake of entertainment. And because of these stupid "iReports", where people submit their own "news". The latest?

"Earth Hour - People around the world are switching off their lights during Earth Hour 2009 on March 28. The movement hopes to draw attention to global warming. Could you spend an hour without electricity? What would you do during that time? Tell us how you plan to spend Earth Hour. Your video could be featured on CNN."

If you want to draw attention to Global Warming, say "Hey, I think this Global Warming this is a problem" or put a thermometer up somewhere. Honestly, please, someone tell me what time "Earth Hour" is supposed to happen. I will turn on every light I own, including my Christmas lights. If it has a cord and switch it'll be on in my house.

Even more annoying is CNN pandering to this crap. Just stop already.

Do I think Global Warming is real? Yes. Do I think it's a problem? Yes. But really, this scores a 10 on the "don't people have anything better to do?" scale.

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