Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How bad are the Nats?

How bad are the Washington Nationals this season? Bad. Really Bad.

This is a scene of the Phillies dugout before the played Washington in the Nats' home opener yesterday, a game in which the Phillies won 9-8. And apparently, they did while they were high. Ryan Howard, Phillies first baseman and the National League 2006 Most Valuable Player, is seen here doing the "puff puff pass" drill from spring training. Jayson Werth was quoted as saying "Dude, don't bogart the J".

After their win, the Phillies celebrated with nacho cheese Doritos and all the Pringles they could find in Southeast D.C., then went over to Five Guys and shut the place down.

The Nats fall to 0-7 for 2009. How bad are they? They lost 102 games last year. They'll probably lose 95-100 this year and I will not be surprised if they lost MORE than 102. It's one of the the worst major league pitching staffs I've ever seen, bar none. Defensively, they are mediocre at best. Ryan Zimmerman, the annointed "star" of the team, has shown nothing more average major league talent in his 4+ seasons and appears to be regressing defensively.

I love the Nats, they're my team and I'll go to more games if they lose than win (because there will be less crowds and traffic) but really, let's just just completely tank the next two seasons and get some good draft picks to rebuild the farm system. And if you someone could even possibly be traded for prospects, trade them.

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