Thursday, October 16, 2008

Torturing Democracy ...

is the name of a new documentary examining the Bush administration’s detention and interrogation policies, produced and written by Sherry Jones.

Ok, so that's not news.

But what is news is that the documentary, which was developed for PBS (Public Television) was denied a "national" airdate until January 21, 2009. The day after the Bush Administration is replaced.

The New York Times has the article here.

I'm all for delaying running the documentary until after the November 4th general election. But the article makes the implication that part of the reason it's being held up is because PBS gets Federal funding. Now, whether the idea is that PBS is worried about losing future funding, or that the Federal government is exerting influence *because* it provides funding, I don't know.

No matter. Most of the stations that make up "Public Television" have decided to run the documentary anyway, independently. Unless you're in DC, where it can't seem to get on the schedule. Shocker.

The entire 90-minute “Torturing Democracy” documentary can be seen at

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