Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Picture is Worth ...

1,000 Words.

Redskins get spanked 59-28 by the Eagles. Not sure about the effort the team gave? Check out Albert Haynesworth. This is during an actual play. The whistle has not blown. He wasn't hurt. He quit (arguably, he quit the day he signed his contract).

To make matters worse, The Redskins signed Donovan McNabb to a contract extension. Luckily, it is being reported the Redskins have an out after this season so the deal "only" costs them $3.25 million or so.

McNabb is a nice guy. He's a HUGE upgrade over anyone the Redskins have had playing quarterback since Brad Johnson. But there's something about him that just doesn't click for me.... Maybe it's his accuracy. I don't know, but I do know that while I would have traded for him rather than keep Jason Campbell, I wouldn't keep him for next season unless I cannot get *anyone* else. And that is exactly what Redskins have done.

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