Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A strongly worded rant

You know who really annoys me these days?

These guys.

aka CNN's "iReport", or, CNN's "Annoying People with Video Cameras".

I don't need to see the world through the lens of the average person - I already have that perspective. I don't need to know that some 23-year old grad student in Sheboygan think it's "really great we get to vote in this country". I don't care if some dude saw "news" happen and filmed it on his cellphone. I'm ready to punch these people in the throat.

I guess CNN is too lazy, ER, cheap, ER, "focused on the big picture" to actually do reporting these days. And what's worse, they've started putting these tools up on the TV as they go to/come from commercial. I guess they are hoping people will watch in the hopes of seeing their 10 seconds of uploaded crap on TV.

Now, some of this, it's moderately interesting. Some guy uploaded 25 minutes of footage of people acting like morons in Philadelphia after the Phillies won the World Series, burning stuff, etc. That held my interest for a good 2 minutes. But for the most part, if I want user-uploaded "news", I'll go to Youtube.

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