Monday, November 10, 2008

Senate races

Votes counted in Minnesota's senate race: 2,833,089

Votes separating Norm Coleman and Al Franken: 221

To me that is simply astounding, but not as astounding as Ted Stevens, Convicted Felon and U.S. Senator from Alaska, who went from trailing in the polls to a slight lead as of today. The only place I've heard any rumblings of hanky panky with voting is Alaska, where the Presidential race, the Senate race, and a key House race all came in about 10% stronger for the GOP above where they were predicted in the days leading up to the election. Personally, I think it's a statistical anomoly.

I also think when all the counting is done, the Dems will win both of those seats.

Georgia looks to be heading for a runoff. This is where the GOP makes a last ditch Little Bighorn stand to keep the Dems from geting control of 60 Senate seats. In fact, a GOP spokesman, when asked about these Senate races, said they consider anything less than 60 to be a major victory for the GOP.

Personally, I hope they keep it at 59 or less. I love Fillibusters. I love Senators reading from cookbooks, textbooks, and comic books just to keep talking. I think it also bodes better for the Dems in 2010 to NOT have a "Perfect Storm"-level sweep. But most importantly, I think both sides of ALL issues need to be heard.

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