Monday, January 12, 2009

It takes brass ones, baby

Stargate Atlantis ended last Friday, with the Wraith (the show bad guys) figuring out where Earth is and showing up, but getting destroyed just in the nick of time by Atlantis (they flew the entire city from one galaxy to another in like 30 minutes. Riiiiight). The show ended with the City of Atlantis floating off the coast of San Francisco, invisible to everyone outside of it. So they moved the setting to Earth for any follow up movies they decide.

It's the biggest wimp out ending of all time.

What they SHOULD have done, if they had ANY balls, is have the Wraith show up at Earth and kill everyone. Period.

How great would that have been? I liked the show, but, talk about a ballsy ending. No happy ending, no feel good. Just "Wow, we lost". It would have been the most talked about TV show in a very long time.

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